LightUp you favourite meme or phrase with the
illuminAte W O R D. Pick from a range of background colours and designs or create your own. Available in six different frame/mount colour combinations.  

“These unique, personalised, motion-sensing, illuminated, letters and pictures are a beautiful way to create a soft light in any home. As soon as they detect motion they emit a soft light giving enough light to see by.”

 HAND MADE in the UK, they come in a choice of frames and colours in one of many personalised and non-personalised designs. You can even upload your own photos and images or create your very own design with our online design tool. The product does not require switching on or off; as soon as it detects motion it automatically illuminates for about 30 seconds, saving battery life, adding an element of surprise and interest, ideal for a hallway or child's bedroom nightlight.

 The product is self-contained, rechargeable and can be mounted with or without a cable

 Can be used as a motion-activated nightlight

 Wall or desk/shelf mounted

 Battery life between charge: 1-6 months depending on usage

 Measures 25cmx25cmx4cm